Paw Paw Plush Chair Cushion

Cat Lovers Unite! 

The perfect gift for any feline loving child from our Cloud 9 Lives range. *

- These adorably designed cat paw cushions are a must-have for any cat lover's living space and can be used functionally or as a decorative addition to your room. 

The are a combination of softness, comfort, and cuteness.

It’s a beautiful combination! 

- The design ensures softness and adaptability to any surface, so they contour to the curves of your body and stay comfortable. 

Soften hard surfaces and enjoy comfort whether on the chair of the floor.   

Note: For use on the floor, the backrest must be against a hard surface .


Material: Soft Plush Cotton

Size: 70*60cm  |  80*70cm

Colour: White, Pink, Blue, Grey