2 in 1 Food Saver Pot with Built-In Strainer

Spilled food is a thing of the past when you use our Cooking Pot - the strainer is built right in!


Boil your pasta in our Cooking Pot With Built-In Strainer. Then when you drain, the water drains out but the pasta stays inside the strainer. Just lift the basket and it's ready to serve. There's no more splishing and splashing into a strainer because with this cooking pot, the strainer is built right in. 

It isn't just for pasta. Use it to 5-pounds of clams and when they open up, just pull the basket out and they're ready to serve. Boil potatoes, drain the water, and mash in the same pot for quick and easy mashed potatoes.



  • No matter how much you tilt it, the strainer basket always stays upright! 

  • Cleanup is a breeze. You'll save time cleaning because your food slides off the non-stick cooking surface! 

  • Dishwasher Safe!

  • Perfect for different food, rigatoni, pasta shells, bow ties, linguini, and those delicious ravioli won't break apart when you serve them.


  • Material: Safe, 100% food grade carbon steel

  • Volume: Small Size: 4QTBig Size: 6QT

  • Package Size: Small Size: 27.5*27.5*13.5CM, Big Size: 31*31*14.5CM

  • Colour: Black


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