Cotty Portable Baby Crib

Cute and stylish 3 piece portable and foldable cribs perfect for your little bundle of joy. Your precious baby will enjoy resting on these soft and cosy breathable cotton baby beds. The beds are washable. Good luck choosing the best one because they are all just too beautiful. Can be used as a comfy sitting pad when baby is a toddler and available in a variety of gorgeous styles. 

Washing Suggestions: Hand wash bed cover at 30 degrees & hang dry. Wash separately to avoid dyeing, and dry the inner core directly.

Product Information:

Fabric: Cotton
Zipper Texture: Nylon
Filling: Polyester Fiber
Lining: Chemical Fibre
Size: Bed: 50x85cm | Quilt: 80x90cm | Pillow: 25x30cm

Package Includes: 

1 Pillow
1 Quilt
1 Bed