Grey Lifting Desk With Lamp

There's no need to make homework more boring than it needs to be by sitting your child at an uncomfortable desk or table. This 70cm ergonomic homework desk is designed with efficiency and the comfort of the child at the forefront to enable them to sit or stand when doing their work. The desk height and angle (up to 40º) are adjustable for maximum comfort, in addition, it is also equipped with a pull out drawer, book/tablet/music sheet stand, bottle holder, bag hook & & a push button lamp.



Material: Density Board & Plastic
Dimensions: (27.6 x 15)" / (70 x 38)cm (L x W)
Adjustable Table Height: (20.5-30)" / (52-76)cm
Seat Dimensions: (14.6 x 13)" / (37 x 33)cm (L x W)
Backrest Dimensions: (14.2 x 12.8)" / (36 x 32.5)cm (L x W)
Adjustable Chair Height: (24.6-30.5)" / (62.5-77.5)cm
Height From Seat to Floor: (11.8-17.7)" / (30-45)cm 

Package Includes:

1 x Accessories Screws
1 x Schoolbag Hook
1 x Adjustable Lifting Table
1 x Adjustable Lift Chair
1 x Reading Stand
1 x Desk Lamp