Neck Saver Cushion

Make travelling pleasant for the kids by saying goodbye to unnecessary sore necks with these child friendly soft and comfortable head and neck support cushions. They prevent the head from falling forward or sideways which helps your child wake up pain free on those long journeys. Simply attaching them to seat headrests with straps and buckles. Suitable from 6 months, but adults can use them too. It is also suitable for any baby seats, car seats, pram strollers, and even adults can use it. 


Age: 6 months+

Size: 17.3x5.9 inches (although size is adjustable)

Material: High-quality polyester and soft cotton

Featured with adjustable hook and loop for kids of different ages.

Package Contains:

1 Head Support Cushion 

Please Note:

Colour may vary due to differences in monitors and lighting