Glow Space Shuttle Lamp

Lift Off To Space In Your Imagination! 

There are lamps and then there's The ROCKET LAMP! 

The Rocket Lamp's are certainly not your average table lamps which just blend in with their surroundings. These lamps on the other hand completely STAND OUT against the grain, are very realistic and bring with them a sense of excitement and intrigue for space lovers and wannabe future astronauts

You'll want to use yours all the time, take pictures of it and share them with your friends and invite them round to show it off. 


This unique lamp comes with three different LED light colours, so you can create a variety of moods in your room. The Rocket Lamp has a soft, modern design that will complement any room's decor. 

Available in 2 models: Arc or Straight 

Enjoy Every Moment of using these fantastic lamps!

Special Features: 

- Light Source: Bright LED Light

- High Quality 3D Printed Plastic: Realistic designs 

- Charge: Rechargeable with Android USB cable

- Charging Time: 2 - 3 hours (Be patient!)

- Holds its charge for 6-8 hours 

- Applicable to any room in the house and dorm rooms

Rechargeable Night Light For Space Lovers Moon Lamp as Room Decoration


Material: 3D Printed Plastic
Light Source:LED Bulbs
Wattage:0-5W PLA
Size: 14cmx22.5cm | 21cm (8 inch) | 28cm (11 inch)